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Training Diary - Martin Jones
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Training Diary - MArtin Jones

13 November 2016

Rather foolishly I have signed up for the Tour of Pembs 2017. I did the 50 miler last year but due to my soon to be ex friend, Simon Phillips, signing up for an Ironman, he has roped me into doing (attempting?) the 130 mile route this year as part of his training. 14,000ft of hills apparently. Yay.
Possibly even more foolishly I have agreed to do a training blog for the Tour organisers & after speaking to Mr Peter Walker this week I believe he has agreed to use my experiences! I am sure he will regret that almost as much as I will regret signing up for the 130 miler.
I did explain that as a rank amateur I will be looking to start my actual training after Christmas so don’t expect a great deal before January.

My history – Up until 2015 I hadn’t been on a bike since approx. 1991, then I picked up a hybrid, then early 2015 a nice road bike. I have been out probably 25 times, the longest ride being 61 miles, the shortest 400 metres when I fell off by the end of my road. Cleats eh.
Ironic really as the dictionary defines them as “each of a number of projections on the sole of a shoe, designed to prevent the wearer losing their footing”.
Moving on…

13 November 2016

A nice easy 30 miler.
With no Pembrokeshire league football this afternoon myself, Simon plus 2 other friends, Matthew & Martin (both of whom are signed up for the Tour) had arranged to do a nice easy 30-35 miler. Leaving Haverfordwest at 13.30hrs, meeting me at Neyland 20 minutes afterwards, then heading around Carew, Creselly, Wiston then back to Haverfordwest & me further on towards Milford.
Should have been home by 16.30hrs even at an average pace.
I walked through the door at 18.00hrs after cycling the last stretch in pretty dark conditions, completely caught out with a lack of reflective gear & poor lighting.
Typically our best laid plans had been ruined by a puncture near Carew, and regular stops to blow up the tyre!

We had fixed it, or had tried fixing it so it was a blow to our egos that we couldn’t even do that
properly, and really we should just have given up and waited for a lift from the Creselly Arms.
That said we had managed our 1st group 35 mile effort.
Baby steps, baby steps……..

Me blowing after the hill into Carew!
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