The Tour of Pembrokeshire has partnered with Tom Walker Fitness to bring Tour of Pembrokeshire riders a range of training courses specifically tailored to taking on the Tour with confidence on the 19th of May 2018.

The online courses are designed to give you a detailed list of activities covering the fifteen weeks running up to the event plus an email based consultation during the closing weeks. The courses require the use of a power meter or heart rate monitor and will help riders to work on their endurance, average speed and power.

There are four types of Tour of Pembrokeshire plans to choose from for the special price of £69 for the entire programme, that’s under £5 per week!

Following an initial assessment your training zones will be set via your heart rate monitor or power meter and you’ll need the use of a turbo trainer for parts of the course as they provide a safer and easier method of maintaining a constant effort.

The course includes:

•    Fitness testing
•    Tailored activity calendar
•    Feedback
•    Strava compatible

All available via the website

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